Party Policies

1.  A $50.00 non-refundable party deposit is needed in advance to hold your party 

     date and time

2.  The balance of your party is to be paid when you check in at the front desk

3.  An agreement/waiver form needs to be signed before any party or event starts

4.  A $2 Admission fee per party parent and guest(s) when you check in at front desk

5.  Party Room usage - Please keep to your scheduled Party End Time, or you are 

     agreeing to overtime charges

  • Overtime fees for party room, please ask for details

6.  Please arrange for a prompt pick up at party end time

7.  Outside food okay:  Please bring extra plates, napkins, cups, a cake knife, etc. if 

     needed.  Ghost Golf charges       for extra tableware & cutlery (.50 per cup, per 

     plate, per napkin, and per fork)


We are sorry but, No Refunds.

Thank you  for your co-operation,

Ghost Golf Inc., Management


Please inform rules below to all guests prior to your party starting.  Ghost Golf wants your party to be safe, fun, and enjoyable for everyone.  Ghost Golf, Inc., assumes no liability for anyone.  All players, golf and play games at their own risk.

  1. Please do not bring food, drinks, gum, candy etc., into the golf course area
  2. Please keep putters below your knees and on the ground at all times - no fly balls (or call out "FOUR", for all golfers' safety)
  3. Please do not use putters as swords, pokers, twirling batons, etc.
  4. Golf ball goes out of play area, please let our staff know where the ball is, do not try and retrieve the ball yourself
  5. Party room usage:  Please keep to your scheduled END time in the party room, or you are agreeing to overtime charges 
  6. No Silly String, or anything requiring extra cleaning - $20 fee
  7. Please do not move the picnic tables around, unless you have checked with our staff that it is okay
  8. Do not climb on the trees, the hearse, coffin couches, touch props, or poking at anything with your putters
  9. Do not run, jump, push, or display uncontrollable behavior that could cause injury to you, others, or damage ghost golf property
  10. Please do not take the Original decorations in party rooms - $10 fee
  11. PLEASE DO NOT EXIT OUT THE EMERGENCY BACK DOORS - the door must stay closed per the Fresno Fire Marshall...UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY!

Ghost Golf management thanks everyone for their co-operation, and wishes you a fun, safe, but spooky party.  I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for myself and party attendees, for any misconduct and/or negligent behavior which may cause them to sustain any injuries while at Ghost Golf.  I will not, or anyone in my party hold Ghost Golf management or employees liable for our own negligent and/or disruptive behavior (s).  I agree that should my party go over the agreed scheduled party time; extra golfers, extra plates, cups, napkins or forks needed, property or props damages etc., Additional charges will be added to my total bill.  I have read, understand and agree with Ghost Golf Inc. policies, the course rules, party prices and overtime fees.

Your signature and date here prior to party starting.

Thank you for your co-operation

Ghost Golf Inc., Management